Hoffman Debut Album ‚Serenity‘ OUT NOW!

Listen to Hoffman’s Debut Album ‘Serenity’ Here first! It’s out now on Slime Recordings!

Listen to Hoffman’s Debut Album ‚Serenity‘ Here first! It’s out now on Slime Recordings!

Slime is proud to present the debut album from the accomplished producer Hoffman. A respected veteran on the breaks scene for many years, Hoffman has cultivated a sound that is uniquely his own; tough breakbeats provide the muscle whilst cinematic melodies pump the blood. During recent experimentations to refine his sound, elements of garage filtered in – which is when Slime took note. Last year saw the release of the sublime ‘Pieces’ EP on the imprint, and from there the gauntlet was laid down to produce an album that expanded the widescreen feel of his productions into a longer narrative.

The result of this year-long labour is ‘Serenity’, containing eleven incredible tracks that fuse the spirit of breaks, garage, jungle, rave and electronica into a satisfyingly coherent whole. The mood is set from the outset with the drifting chords and subtle vocal wash of opener ‘First Light’, a template that is consistently revised and mutated into stunning new forms on tracks like ‘Shuffle Back’ and ‘Suburban Playground’, full of plaintive atmospherics, twisting percussion and pulsating bass.

Hoffman’s innate ability with percussive intricacy comes to the fore in album namesake ‘Serenity’, brimming with autonomic beats and percolating rhythms. This talent to fuse styles into something altogether more sonically fascinating is displayed on dark roller ‘Twitch’ or the gorgeous groove resplendent throughout album closer ‘Let the Vibe’. That virtuosity comes into its own when matched with the lyrical dexterity of Daytripper on ‘Think About The Time’ and ‘Solace’, both of which stun with their combination brooding, melancholy ambience and heartfelt lyricism.

The spectre of rave music’s heritage is ever present throughout, none more so than in the euphoric chords and rapturous vocals of Kitty Stewart on ‘Choose Your Moment’, equally in effect on her other outstanding contribution ‘Crawling’, which will send a chill down even the most resolute spine. The album works as a subdued reflection on a golden era of experimentation, yet is permeated with a thrilling sense of freshness; the juxtaposition of then and now in a harmonious synergy which will electrify synapses and move minds.





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