Exclusive 5Q&A’s w/ #Raccune!

Exclusive 5Q&A's w/ #Raccune!

Introducing #Raccune! Exclusive Q&A On DatDubstep.com

Producing talent Tony Zapien alias #Raccune sits down for 5 quick questions!


We’ve been listening to #Raccune’s music and believe that he has a broad musical talent and a great potential to create a unique sound that deserves noticing. So to get to know #Raccune a little better, we’ve reached out to him for a quick 5 question interview! We’re delighted that he accepted!


Hello #Raccune! First of all, thank you for taking your time to do this little interview with us. Let’s get started!

1. It’s hard to find out who is behind the stage name #Raccune. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure! My name is Tony Zapien but I go by #Raccune. I am a producer, DJ, rapper, videographer, graphic designer, IPA drinker, terrible tattoo giver, burrito lover, and all around nice guy. I live in Bellingham, WA. I’ve been playing music since I was a child starting with violin in grade school. I played guitar in a couple awesome metal bands, was in a hip hop group for a couple years, sang for an R&B group, and then started a dubstep/rap group in 2008 which is when I started producing which got me to where I am now.

2. How did your Artist name #Raccune came to life?

There was this awesome family of raccoons that lived by the pond behind the apartment complex I was living in with some friends including a DJ friend of mine and we were giving each other animal names. The raccoons would always come out at night and beg for food and chase my laser pointer. It was at this time, I think in 2009, that I started producing more seriously so naturally I had to call myself Raccune. I added the hashtag because it looked futuristic and nerdy before hashtags were as popular as they are now.

3. You have released tracks in all kinds of different genres. What sound will you be pushing in 2015? Are there any Releases in sight?

Yeah, I’ve already started work on what I hope to be a full length released sometime this year. Dubstep is my one true love and will most likely be the fundamental basis for the work I do this year but I’m finding myself becoming more interested in incorporating hip-hop and trap elements and I’m hoping to feature multiple vocalists as well, including myself. I’ve been creating some really low key chill stuff lately too that I’m really liking and I want to incorporate more guitar work too. So yeah the album I put out this year will be a cohesive multi-genre dubstep-based venture much like Avertia was!

4. There are many ways to create music. What is your usual approach of creating a new Track? What Soft- and Hardware do you use?

I like to sit down when I’ve already got a melody or concept in my head. Sometimes it’s something straightforward and simple like taking a guitar sample, cutting it up and then building a song around it. Other times it can be abstract like creating the soundtrack for a summertime walk through the streets of Dubai. I don’t like a blank slate and so I usually don’t just sit down to write if I don’t already have an idea in mind.

Once I have an idea I’ll start with a simple drum pattern on loop and build the song phrase by phrase over it. Then I’ll come back and refine the drums as the song starts to take shape. I use Ableton Live to produce combined with Traktor when I perform, I have an Oxygen 49 keyboard, MOTU interface, and Novation Launchpad.

5.What is your source of inspiration?

Dreams have been a long time theme and source of inspiration for a lot of music I’ve written. I also find inspiration in nature. I’ve made plenty of field recordings of things like birds in the forest or ocean waves crashing that I’ve used in my music. Relationships and life events, beautiful people and intoxication.

Musically I also have a wide variety of influence. I listen to everything from black metal to country and so fragments from every genre can make their way into my production. Some producers that have had a direct influence on my music are Borgore, Rusko, Blackmill, Netsky, Elefant Doc, Biome, Mimosa, and 3Ball MTY. And Barbara Palvin.

Thank you DatDubstep for talking with me! I’m on Facebook & Twitter and would love to chat with everyone there. Most my music is free on Bandcamp.com and Spotify! Thank you!


Listen to his Tracks here:






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