Who Is Quba?

Introducing Quba! Quba. on his real name, Alexandru Gajaila, born August 16th 1988 in a small district in Bucharest, never thought as a child that life would bring him so close to music.

Introducing Quba!

Quba. on his real name, Alexandru Gajaila, born August 16th 1988 in a small district in Bucharest, never thought as a child that life would bring him so close to music.

His father was a musician, so that he wanted his son to follow his path and become an artist. But at that time, little ‘soon to become’ Quba had other passions, mathematics and football. He really wanted to become a football player, like almost every young boy, but his father knew that his destiny will take him to another way, a very special one.

When he was 15 years old, he went through a tragedy that took him by surprise – the death of his beloved father.

Since that moment, he has seen music as a strong spiritual connection with his father, and dedicated himself to that. He started taking guitar lessons from a former student of his father, Alexandru Serbu, boy that is a very close friend of his in the present. Then he studied piano by himself and day by day he got closer and closer to music, thinking that his father was right and that he knew his son’s way from the beginning.
He decided to give up mathematics and chose a lighter schedule for highschool so that he could dedicate his whole time to his new passion. He got into a rock band, Footprint, as a bass player, rehearsing everyday in his garage, band that he left after one year because he wanted to become a composer and to work on his own. Through this experience, he realized that he is really into the aggressive music style and he started producing music at home, on a cheap laptop and one pair of headphones.

He got into the National Music University of Bucharest but he didn’t find his place there because he wanted to learn new, fresh things, not only classical music, that was studied there. Because his financial situation was precarious, he became a teacher at a school in the neighbourhood, whyle he was a second-year student but he dropped it after a short period of time, feeling that he must take a risk in order to fulfill his dream, and he filled his whole time working at his music.
Some time Quba has also been a producer for other artists, but he decided to work only for himself, even if this ‚business‘ didn’t provide him any kind of income; but that was only the beginning. He tried a lot of styles until he found the one that totally represented him, from tech-house, minimal, chillout, to dance and hip-hop. Everytime he released a minimal-tech track, he thought that this is not all that he could make; he didn’t consider himself an artist because he wasn’t completely proud of his work. But one day he randomly listened to a dubstep track and he felt so excited by that new stuff so that he wanted badly to learn how to make this kind of music:

‚Oh fuck, I gotta create this shit!‘


There were a lot of things that he didn’t know about this style even after a year since he started working at it, but Quba managed to believe in the progress that he was making day by day and he never backed down. He shared his work on the Internet but he didn’t receive any feedback because no one knew about him. One day he posted a comment on one of Skrillex’s tracks, a famous dubstep artist, comment in which he presented himself and asked people to listen to his music. Two minutes later he received a supporting message, and then others… many many others. He was so excited by the fact that people, from that moment, will find out about him, thinking in the same time that all this started from an apparently stupid idea.
The next day when he woke up he found so many messages that he could’t find time to read them all. Feeling that support from people that barely knew him but loved his music made Quba know for sure that he will work damn hard until the moment when he will be where he fervently wanted. Because of those who supported him that day, Quba’s only goal became progress. The number of fans increased quickly on every social network but the moment when Quba really ‚grew‘ was the moment when he released his EP ‚Inception‘, a big step in his career.

He was the first Romanian dubstep producer that got in Top 100 Artists on Beatport and on the first place in Romania’s Top 100 Dubstep Dj’s.

Among his fans there where a lot of Romanians, but they didn’t know that Quba was from the same country as them until he released a track called ‚From Romania‘ that recorded a huge success. He was invited to hold concerts all over the country and, after a short period of time, he came in everyone’s ears with the collaboration with Joanne, the ‚Da-ti drumu‘ track, this song being his first electro/dubstep track with romanian lyrics.
Quba promoted himself all this time, even up until the present, and he never had support from any big labels. He always created his own covers, images and videos. Quba is still following his ambitious dream and he plans to progress continuously, supported by his large number of fans that increases day by day.





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