Ry Legit – Dubstep LP3

Buckle up for this 10Track Dubstep LP3 from Ry Legit

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Ryan Lewis – better known as Ry Legit – fell head first into the world of music production and composition. Fourteen years young, Ry came into a borrowed Roland MC-505 groovebox. Within a year of working with his first all analog controller and simple bedroom studio, his beats became some of the highest rated tracks on Acid Planet. By 2002, Ry found his nearly permanent studio solution in Fruity Loops, which allows what he feels are almost limitless possibilities and direct artistic expression.

In time, Ry took a step back from the production end of the evolving genres and simply listened, though his ear wasn’t stuck on electronic music. Guns n’ Roses, 2pac, Bring Me The Horizon, Beethoven and modern film like Clint Mansell inspired him, lifting the notions of what ‘dance’, ‘EDM’, and ‘Dubstep’ music could truly be. Ry created pop, metal, hip-hop, even punk songs on his own time while working as an audio engineer in a local production house. There he worked with a wide variety of musical talent which further influenced and solidified his calling as both producer and song writer.

In 2009, the heavy side of Dubstep caught Ry’s ear. It was like nothing he had heard before, and a perfect match for his style of expression. A year later, after releasing nearly 20 Dubstep tracks exclusively to his YouTube Channel, Ry released Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear gained a massive viral internet response within a year, gathering millions combined listens. The influential mix of 80’s hair metal, street hip-hop, metal-core, classical masterpieces, timeless film scores and Dubstep have all lead to Ry’s style, allowing him to sign with various record labels and distribute his music internationally.

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