Xilent blocks several Nr.1 spots on Beatport with debut Album!

We Are Virtual

Xilent (born Eryk Kowalczyk) is an electronic music producer residing in UK. He is best known for his track „Choose Me II“, released on May 16, 2011, which peaked at #1 spot on Beatport’s Dubstep chart and remained in the Top 5 for 3 months. The track was also selected as Zane Lowe’s “Next Hype” track on BBC Radio 1. As of recent, he is also best known for „Boss Wave“, which, among other nominations, earned him the BMA „Best Music Video“ award in 2013. 


Xilent just released his Full Lenght Debut Album „We Are Virtual“ and it’s risen to Beatports #1 Dubstep, #1 Electro House, #1 Glitch Hop, #1 Drum&Bass and #4 Overall Releases Spot! WOW! That’s how you make an entrance! We can only agree and compliment Xilent on his this achievement!

We especially like the continuous version which you can check out below!


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